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Please Note! The vehicle listed here is part of our on-line photo-album and is not available for purchase. If you wish to purchase a car, please visit the Vehicles For Sale page.  Thank you.

1951 Cadillac
Limousine-Style Hearse/Ambulance
Sayers and Scovill

Take a trip back in time, fifty years ago, to the year of 1951. After reading your latest issue of Casket and Sunnyside, you decide to call your friendly S&S hearse dealer, as your interest is high for a new funeral car. After a few days, the dealer arrives sporting a sparkling new 1951 Cadillac demonstrator. You are even more taken by the car, than you were after first seeing the magazine advertisement. So, after serious consideration, you make the dealer's day by placing your order. After a short three month wait (which seemed like forever), the dealer comes back again. Now though, he is driving-up in the vehicle custom built for you...

Sam Smith, Smith Funeral Homes, Elsie, Michigan, has captured this moment by purchasing this fabulously correct, well preserved 1951 Cadillac Hearse by Sayers and Scovill.

Yes, it is great to find a true, well documented, one owner, 50 year old funeral coach. However, it is even better to know that the vehicle was cared for by an avid collector of fine motorcars. You feel like you've stepped back in time once you have laid eyes on this coach.

"Time Capsule Car"

You would be hard pressed to find another coach as original and correct as this vehicle. The paint, chrome, drapery and interior are all original, just the way the car was delivered new from Sayers and Scovill.

The original Sayers and Scovill build tag is still present in the engine compartment, documenting the fact that it was custom built for the Honeycutt-Evenson Funeral Home. Included with the car are the original Sayers and Scovill date marking for the hood. These pieces were never installed and are still in their original packaging from S&S.




You Can't Take It With You...

Recently, Grand Rapids based Zondervan Publishing Company, used one of our hearses for a very special project.  They heaped-up some of life's prized possessions on the roof, to help introduce a new book by John Ortberg, entitled "When The Game Is Over, It All Goes Back In The Box."  The book tells of life lessons taught by the author's Grandmother, while playing board games.  John uses popular culture, a sense of humor and a gift for compelling storytelling to help us live more meaningful lives.  Additional information about his new book can be found at johnortberg.com